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VAKUFORM products are a unique combination of vacuum technology with highly adaptable and skin-friendly neoprene

material. Through this we are able to guarantee an optimum adaptation free of fold of the material also to extreme body

forms. By bringing in of air the base becomes soft and adapts itself to the body contours. After vacuuming, a firm cushion

shape with a perfect negative mould of the body form will be created. The adaptation of the cushion to the human body surface changes the relation of weight and bearing surface and thereby causes the lowering of the bearing pressure. In this manner the best possible pressure distribution is achieved. In the state of vacuum the base forms a firm upholstery and can

be modeled if necessary. With menacing or already existing dekubitus endangered parts of the body can be „exposed“

by easy impressions of the upholstery with the fingers. In this manner an additional pressure discharge can be reached.

In contrast to conventional adaptation methods of inflexible material our high flexible products allow a quick and easy

new adaptation of the upholstery to changed body positions or anatomical changes. Moreover, even in the state of vacuum

neoprene also features upholstery characteristics leading to higher seating comfort and reduced pressure load.





Each VAKUFORM BASIC and VAKUFORM PRO product consists of a filling of extremely fine polystyrene grains, enclosed in a 3,5 mm eudermic nylon-jersey coated neoprene. The product cover and the lining are manufactured from elastic spacer fabric material that provides an optimum microclimate. The entire product can be disinfected.





We are a crafts enterprise with many years‘ experience in manufacturing of individual seat and positioning systems.

In our workshop we are able to provide customized products depending on your special needs. Our aim is to create

the perfect support for you – exactly after your defaults or after detailed discussion of the necessary care. Besides,

brand new products may originate. We are convinced that in the use of aerial technology and vacuum technology in

connection with neoprene lies a huge potential for the solution of challenges in the REHA and orthopedics technology.



Special design


All cushions are custom made according to the client‘s measures as well as to the guidelines of the therapist

and/or the orthopaedic engineer.





A permanently vacuum-thick system is not realizable. Therefore, after evacuating the air the inside pressure in the

upholsteries rises with time again. For that reason it is important that the vacuum of our upholsteries is controlled regularly after an adaptation and is adjusted by using a pump when required.





  • Cerebral Palsy with heavy motor retardation: as a moulded seat upholstery or for complete body protection, for realigning
  • and supportive systems
  • Tetra Spastic with ataxic or athetoid pattern: for abduction positioning
  • Spastic and Slacking Paralysis of different geneses, e.g. transverse spinal cord syndrome or post apoplexy:
  • postural support and pressure relieve
  • Tetra Spastics: postural support and pressure relieve
  • Hemi- and Paraplegia in geriatric fields: postural support and pressure relieve
  • Degenerative processes of the spinal column: Scoliosis and Torsions – for a flexible body closer support in torso area
  • Spina Bifida – pressure relieve in the respective area
  • Muscle Atrophy and Dystrophy: to enable flexible and quick changeable adjustments
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones): to increase protection
  • Pre & post surgery especially in neurological fields: for stable and safe protection
  • Physical conditions that require anatomical support: for seating made to measure



VAKUFORM products have been used successfully in


  • Hospitals
  • Institutions for disabled people
  • Therapeutic centres
  • Geriatric institutes
  • At home