VAKUFORM PRO Moulded seat system


Vacuum seats are available in either one or two piece format i.e. with a separate base cushion and back cushion or as a complete set. Hardcase EVO not included. Also available as anatomical seat or anatomical back.


Order no: 11200

Use and production


  • For positioning and correction of people needing a moulded seat supply.
  • Vacuumed a solid seat body is achieved. If necessary, the inlet can be ventilated and that way the shape can be changed again. Due to the high flexibility of the moulded seat inlet tasks like positioning and correction the patient are made easier.



Vacuum moulded seat upholsteries as an alternative


  • Long lifespan according to high quality, hard-wearing material.
  • Due to its high adjusting flexibility vacuum seat and positioning upholsteries are an alternative to conventional moulded seats. Time-consuming alterations or long periods of waiting for the patients can be reduced.