VAKUSAN Bath support


Vakuumnable bath support, made of PU, 8 sucker cups, incl. ball pump, back 70x70x7 cm, seat 45x65x7 cm


Order no: 70000-1

VAKUSAN Bath support with integrated head rest


Vakuumnable bath support with integrated head rest, made of PU, 9 sucker cups, incl. ball pump, back 105x70x7 cm, seat 45x65x7 cm


Order no: 70000-2

VAKUSAN Toilet seat


Vakuumierbarer Toilettensitz aus PU-Material mit 4 Vakuumnable toilet seat, made of PU, 4 sucker cups, incl. ball pump, seat 48x46 cm, care support 18x26 cm


Order no: 70000-5



Vakuumnable back cushion, made of PU, 2 sucker cups, incl. ball pump, back 56x32-40 cm


Order no: 72000

VAKUSAN Solutions for bathroom and toilet*


With our new VAKUSAN products, we offer affordable and customisable solutions for care – even at home. We have used our experience in developing and manufacturing high quality vacuum aids within the rehabilitation area for many years, to create useful everyday living aids to offer our customers a safe and convenient support. Our new VAKUSAN product line closes a gap in the bathing and the toilet area by combining the facilitation of care with high levels in safety and convenience increasing the user‘s quality of life.



The principle


While being soft (non-vacuum state) a vacuum support cushion made of high quality PU material, filled with fine

polystyrene granules, can be customised and adapted to fit the user‘s body shape. A firm cushion that gives the body support and stability will be easily created by extracting air (vacuum state).



*These products were jointly developed with John Prout (