VAKUFORM Whole body positioning rectangle


Available in almost every size. Custom-made. List price refers to the size of 200x90x30 cm. Prices for other sizes on request.


Order no: 11300

VAKUFORM Whole body positioning oval


Available in every size up to 190x120x18 cm. Custom-made.


Order no: 10300



Vacuum system for positioning and safe support particularly for severe and multiple disabilities.





  • Because of the extremely well distributed pressure on the supporting area new positioning of the patient is less often necessary.
  • Optimal pressure relief by even pressure distribution of the body surface.
  • Multi-functional use: e.g. supported positioning on one‘s front and back, abduction positioning, alternating positioning on one‘s side, supported knee position, supported and kept seat.
  • Easy adjustment of the cushion material to existing anatomical conditions.
  • Easy handling for the nursing staff.
  • Provides good levels of stability and lying comfort to both the trunk and pelvis.
  • Stability/optimum pressure relief by even distribution of the surface load in the seat & back area, which is beneficial
  • for decubitus prophylaxis.
  • Precise adjustment by use of fine polystyrene granules as filling material and a cover made out of high elastic neoprene.
  • Vacuum technology, which is easy to handle with. Air supply or evacuation is achieved by using a self-closing valve with removable dual function hand pump.
  • Additional pressure relief for body parts, which are decubitus endangered.
  • The filling amount can be varied by use of the integrated ‘transfer filling’ pipe.





  • 1-chamber cushion out of 3,5mm eudermic nylon-jersey coated neoprene. To make the adjustment easier, the bottom part is made out of stable, stress-resistant Armatex covered neoprene.
  • The cushion is filled with extremely fine and stable polystyrene granules and can be disinfected and hand washed up to 60°C.